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Bubble Bass: The Show
Bubble Bass The Show logo

Bubble Bass: The Show is a spin-off about the crazy adventures of Bubble Bass. It was created by Chuck123456. (Read more)
Temmie Central vs. Fox Kids War

Temmie Central vs. Fox Kids War is a crazy war that happened between Temmie Central and Fox Kids. Top ten anime fights. (Read more)

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Fan Blogs

  • RedDragon2515

    Hi guys! Can someone help me to make my new spin-off Squidclone?

    Read more >
  • TheJasbre202

    So, as you all, or none of you, know, we had some run ins with fandom months ago because of a drama problem. Well, just 3 days ago, they, along with Golfpecks256 (again, thanks SO MUCH) brought back the wiki!

    Now, I see people are Still editing here. Please stop and copy/paste/post your work onto th…

    Read more >
  • Locknloaded23

    Yeah, so Old SBFW is back, and this means all new episodes of Cult of Squid are moving to old SBFW.

    Read more >
  • BobSponge222

    I wanted to post this yesterday (because it fits for the 20th anniversary of SB SQ), but whatever.

    FANDOM, for some reason, let me back into their website, thankfully. I've actually been let back in since September, I think. However, I won't be editing on this wiki, anymore.

    (Well... I might change m…

    Read more >
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